About me

Late thirties guy living in the North West of England. Born in Southampton, raised in Lancashire and Merseyside, lived in London for ten years. By day I’m a corporate professional leader & manager, all other times I seek to be more…

Although this blog is heavily centered on my personal development and outdoor life I also make time to enjoy riding motorcycles on tracks and enjoying whisky (Clearly not at the same time).

You may also have figured out I make attempts at photography given the images used here are mine (Bar those I give specific credit to others on).

All in all I’ve made quite poor choices for hobbies in a country where the weather is notoriously unpredictable and often poor… the exception being collecting whisky.

My childhood was terrible, my early adult life littered with mistakes as my childhood coping mechanisms struggled to fit in. I like to think my most recent years are where I’ve found the balance, yet if life has shown me anything it’s that I’m always going to be learning… and that my sense of humour is often going to be dire.

Scotland 2017, Up Ben Nevis - 017

Heading up Ben Nevis in to the rising sun in May 2017