Let the meanderings begin…

More then once people have said to me I should start a blog. Being self-deprecating, nurturing a constant fear of failure and also rather ignorant of the world of blogging I’ve repeatedly dismissed the idea.

It took a quiet Sunday, possibly the first of which I’ve had this year, to take the plunge and commit to giving this a go.

The primary goal of this blog will be to share the wonderful places, routes and hikes I frequently head off on. I undertake 50km & 100km walks for charity, I volunteer to help and accompany others on such charity walks, plus I also explore on my own and find some amazing places which I would love others to experience too.  I’ll share the details so you can find those places. I’ll give advice on gear, training and even food… I’ll basically share what I’ve learned in the hope someone else finds it either inspirational to get out there or just plain useful to know.

IoW2017 (1 of 1)

Me crossing the line of the 2017 Isle of Wight 106km challenge

What will come with these ramblings is the why and wherefore… it’s only been the last couple of years I’ve become so active and capable. Rewind a relatively short time and I was a very different person. I was a heavier, casual smoking, heavy drinking guy who on the inside was frankly a bit of a mess. I’ve come on a journey both mental and physical and I’m still very much on that journey now. I won’t preach, I’ve not found religion, I can’t even say ‘I hit rock bottom’ or had an blinding EUREKA moment… I simply began to realise things had to change, and over time, bit by bit, I changed them.

I’d like to share what has worked for me in embracing my own mind, flaws and all. How physical activity went hand in hand with learning mindfulness, schema therapy and other ‘self help’ mental coaching techniques. I’m very much still learning now, I’m still getting fitter and I’m still finding new ways about how my mind works… much of which happens when heading out in to the countryside.

My honest hope is that someone, somewhere will read what I write and perhaps avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made, both on walks and life in general. If it helps someone make a life change themselves, helps someone work out why they keep getting an annoying blister on walks, or inspires someone to head out to explore I’ll be happy.

Snowdon, Pyg & Miners Path 2015_0049

Just one amazing view from the top of Snowdon